New Serial Mom?

Update: Last night on Leno, Graham announced that she will be playing Emma Roberts’ mom.  Watch it here.

There’s been a lot of chatter around “Scream 4″ casting updates in the past few weeks. But there’s one person missing from their lists of the who’s who set to return to Woodsboro.

Let me give you a hint: If you’re a girl or a girlie boy between the ages of, say, 24 and 34 she is probably your surrogate TV mom. Need I say more? She’ll be trading the sleepy town of Stars Hollow for Woodsboro.

A source close to the production tells me that Lauren Graham, known to many as Lorelai Gilmore, has signed on to the film. You didn’t know I have sources? Oh but I do! (Take THAT, Ausiello!)

And that’s really all they’ve told me.

If I’m not mistaken, this is not her first horror role.  She was girlfriend to Josh Brolin in “Nightwatch.” Any thoughts on who she might be playing? A mom, but maybe a murderous one? I vote no! I want to see her as a full-on slasher queen!

5 Responses to “‘Scream 4′ Casting: Graham Headed for Gore”

  1. nosilla Says:

    YAY! And I thought her most scary role would be falling for Vin Diesel. Not so, ghouls fans!

  2. caro Says:

    I think she’ll be a mom…she’s alwayys a mom!!

  3. jaime leah Says:

    this is really awesome news! very excited for the new Scream!

    can you also ask your source if she’s really dating Peter Krause? thanks bye.

  4. DD Says:

    Oooo how exciting!! Since GG ended, I’m so excited to see her in new things! :D x

  5. Mama Says:

    Yaaay, I love me some Lauren’s acting!!!!
    Hey DD, you should see her in Parenthood!!! The show is great and she is doing an awesome job!!! Her chemistry with Peter Krause is great also!!!

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