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Watch Software Sudheer movie online on Aha!

Watch Software Sudheer movie online on Aha!

Software Sudheer is a romantic comedy! Staring SudhigaliSudheer who is a top comedian in telugu television and film industry. DhanyaBalakrishna who is an emerging actress in tamil and telugu film industry. You will roll on floor and laugh after watching Software Sudheer. We suggest you to watch this movie, you can feel fresh and encourage the new cast and crew talents. And definitely you wouldnt feel disappointed after watching this little rom-com movie. Watch Softwearsudheer movie online as its one such new talents movie. It’s a telugu movie online which is a super hit.


Chandu is a Software engineer, who is a hard working guy. He mingles with everyone in the office and comes from a really good family. He falls in with a girl called Swathi. They have really good chemistry, when they finally plan to wed. Everyone gets excited and one day they go check his horoscope and the pandit says he might die any time. He will have a bad time for sometime. For chandu to survive this, he must do a pooja which was very uncommon and suspicious pooja. When he decides to attend the pooja he unfortunately gets involved in the big scam by the minister. To know what is wrong with chandu horoscope and what he does to make it right watch software sudheer. Look what was the scam that he got into.

Technical Aspects:

  • This movie was made out of a small budget, but it never seems like because it has the best cinematography. A very skillful cast who were part of it.
  • This movie has moderate music, not all of the viewers might remember the music. But it’s not that bad. It’s suitable for the movie at all times.
  • Editing of the movie has done well! It’s impressive to watch a small movie with such a good level of technicalities.
  • This movie has got the minute and little details of the story! Its the movie which has the key to success which is the story.

Artists Performance:

  • SudhigaliSudheer, He proved himself that he is not just a great comedian on television, but also a great artist on big screen. He was the protagonist of the story and he nailed it.
  • DhanyaBalakrishna is the cutest emerging actress in telugu film industry. Her action was so good which was appreciable and acceptable.
  • Nassar is the most experienced and talented artist in the movie.
  • SayajiShinde is the energy booster and a guy who pulled the movie towards light.


Cast and Crew:

Director: Rajasekar Reddy

Producer: Sekhar Raju

Actor: SudigaliSudheer

Actress: DhanyaBalakrishna

Other Actors: Nassar, SayajiShinde, Indraja, Sanjay Swaroop

Music Director: BheemsCeciroleo

Cinematographer: C Ram Prasad

More Information:

Release date: 28 December 2019

Running time: 117 minutes

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Watch SoftwareSudheer movie online and enjoy watching little cutest movies as its the telugu movie online. It gives you an understanding of the horoscope and its consequences if it has a bad time.