23, Jan, 2020

What Other Names of Barbiturates I Found While Being Addicted

What Other Names of Barbiturates I Found While Being Addicted

One thing you learn quickly when you’re out using drugs for fun is that everything has different names. This is partly so you can refer to it and if you’re overheard people won’t know what you’re talking about.

It can be hard to get the hang of it at first, but soon you’ll figure it out. That’s not really anything to be proud of, of course. If you ever hear someone you know talking about some of these street names for drugs, then you should be concerned. It means they have something to hide and they might need your help.

Names Based On Colors

Not too hard to figure out, but some drugs are actually named just based on their appearance. So blue pills would have a bunch of names  like:

–    Blue Bullets

–    Blue Birds

–    Blue Angels

–    Blue Tips

–    Blue Heavens

–    Blue Dolls

–    Blue Devil

–    Green Frog

–    Green Dragons

–    Marshmallow Reds

–    Pink Ladies

–    Red Bullets

–    Red and Blue

–    Rainbows

–    Reds

–    Strawberries

Names Based On Effects

Some street drugs are often referred to by the effects they have. Like depressants can chill out your central nervous system like a sedative. Some of the depressants are sedatives. Street names for drugs like these would include:

–    Block Busters

–    Busters

–    Downer

–    Double Trouble

–    Goofers

–    Drowsy High

–    Downer

–    Idiot Pills

–    Lay Back

–    Stumbler

–    Stoppers

Names That Are Just Shortened

Another common and potentially easy to spot names would just be nicknames for the drugs actual name. It’s common to shorten or change up the name, so if you’re in the know it is recognizable, but it’s still disguised to other people.

–    Barbies

–    Barb

–    Bambs

–    Luds

–    Ludes

–    Nimbies

–    Nemmies

–    Nebbies

–    Quad

–    Phenos

–    Phennies

–    Quas

–    Softballs

–    Seggy

–    Seccy

–    Sopers

–    Tuie

–    Tranq

–    Tooties

–    Tooles

Names Based On Cultural References

It is also popular to name drugs after where you might use them or after cultural references. So if you used drugs in one way or they were mentioned in something everyone knows, they could include names like:

–    Christmas Rolls

–    Chorals

–    Dolls

–    Disco Biscuits

–    Gangster Pills

–    Gorilla Pills

Names Based On Fictional Characters

It is not uncommon to drug names based off of fictional characters. They can make sense or just seem completely out there and no one even knows where the name came from. This includes:

–    Mickey Finn

–    King Kong Pills

–    Mother’s Little Helper

–    Mighty Joe Young

–    Mickeys

A lot of names aren’t meant to be connected to the drug at all though, to help breed confusion. This is so people might not even make a connection that it’s a drug. It could be a candy or something else simple. Some names are:

–    Backwards

–    Coral

–    Joy Juice

–    Jellies

–    Peth


I hope this quick guide helps some people out. Knowing is the first step to helping and changing.