23, Jan, 2020

How I Took The Path Of Barbiturates

How I Took The Path Of Barbiturates

Barbiturates are considered a sedative. Like any other sedative that exists, barbiturates are highly addictive. The reason why is because if you take just the right dosage, you’ll be able to feel that relaxation. When it kicks in, you escape from reality and enter a world that seems tranquil. Little did I realize that when that tranquility left, I was back into a reality that could only be described as a nightmare. Something you’d want to wake up from, but you couldn’t. This is my story of how I went down the dark path of barbiturate addiction.

How it Started

I was just graduating from high school. I was glad to be done with it because I cared little about being a dedicated student. But I had to work hard, or I didn’t graduate. College was the last thing on my mind, no matter how much my parents talked about it. I wanted to live how I wanted. I wanted to be able to go out and see the world. What kid my age wouldn’t want to go on a cross-country road trip with my friends? That was the plan to celebrate the end of high school.

That summer, I had broken up with my girlfriend because she was attending school 200 miles away from home. She didn’t want to deal with a long distance relationship. Later that night, I decided to join my friends to go to a party. I wasn’t the kind of guy to sit at home and wallow. When I was there, I walked into a room. A few people were laying around in a circle looking relaxed. Confused, I asked what was going on. A guy approached me and told me that I looked like I had quite the day. I didn’t go into detail about my breakup, but it was like he was a psychic. He handed me these yellow and black pills and said: “these should help you relax.” Without thinking twice, I popped them into my mouth.

Within ten minutes, I was starting to feel like I was about to fall asleep. I was afraid I took something that was probably going to kill me. The next thing I remembered was finding refuge on a bean bag that was laying on the floor. I felt as relaxed as I ever felt in my life. The next day, I saw the guy again and asked him what kind of pills they were. Then I bought a small bag from him. I paid him $50 and I was set for a couple of weeks. When I ran out, I’d shell out another $50 for a new bag.

When the days sucked, I was able to rely on barbiturates to help me relax. After a month, I felt like I needed more to reach that same level of relaxation. So $50 a bag turned to $100. The more I took, the more relaxed I was. Once things wore off, the reality was much different. And things in my life were taking a downward turn.