23, Jan, 2020

Be Careful With Them

Barbiturates Types

The thing that you need to be aware of barbiturates exists in all kinds of different colors and shapes. Each type of barbiturate has a purpose. For example, one type is used to treat severe cases of insomnia. Another is used to treat those who deal with severe seizures. Yet, because of their ability to relax and aid in sleep, they are highly addictive. No specific dosage can be fatal. So it is essential to be careful and know what the correct dosage used for any type of treatment. The following are a list of commonly abused barbiturates:


A blue-colored barbiturate is used for treating severe cases of insomnia. They are also known as downers, blue devils, blue velvets, and blue heavens.


Yellow and black. Considered one of the more potentially lethal of all commonly abused barbiturates. An overdose of pentobarbital can lead to death by way of respiratory failure. Today, it is used as a drug used to euthanize animals and humans (where physician-assisted suicide is legal) in lethal doses. They are also known as yellow jackets, nembies, and Mexican yellows.


Used to treat cases of severe insomnia. Also used to treat symptoms of anxiety or tension. Also known as goofballs and purple hearts.


A red colored barbiturate. Known for its treatments for seizures, severe cases of insomnia. At one point used to treat withdrawal symptoms stemming from alcohol. This barbiturate is used to euthanize animals and humans (where physician-assisted suicide is legal). Other names are reds, red devils, red birds, pinks, pink ladies, lillys, and F-40s.


Comprised of barbital salts from Amobarbital and Secobarbital. Come in many colors. Also known as Christmas trees, rainbows, toonies, gorilla pills, and F-66s.