23, Jan, 2020

Ask Me

The following are frequently asked questions that I’ve been asked when I have told my stories of barbiturate addiction. If you have a question that you may have and is listed on here, reach out to me and I’ll do my best to answer it.

What are barbiturates?

Barbiturates are sedatives that are known to be prescribed to treat specific health issues. The most common health issues treated are severe cases insomnia and seizures. They are designed to calm down or even aid you to fall asleep. Some have been used in lethal doses for euthanasia in animals and humans (in jurisdictions where it’s legal).

How are barbiturates highly addictive?

The reason why they’re addictive is that they can help you relax. It depends on the type and the amount of dosage. It’s a lot better to use non-drug alternatives to help you relax.

I am addicted to barbiturates and actively looking for ways to beat it. What are my options?

Your options vary from how serious the addiction is. For example, if you are struggling with a mild form of addiction, outpatient treatment options is a good choice. If your addiction is more severe, you’ll find that inpatient treatment is the better option.

Also, keep in mind that 12 step programs exist that will help you beat your addiction. While it is optional, you can choose to join a 12 step program that will provide you a means of support as you begin your journey towards sobriety.

Find a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting near you and attend them regularly. It saved my life as well as many others.

Do I have to become religious to beat addiction?

In 12-step programs, it depends upon the group. One fellow NA member told me that his group began and ended each meeting with a prayer. Another said to me that they sit in silence and meditate. If you want to include religion in your life as part of your quest for sobriety, you can choose to do so. But becoming religious is not a requirement by any means.

If you traveled back in time to the day you started taking barbiturates, what would you have said to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to stay home and just take a mental health day. Spend time with the family and do something else that you love. Yes, what I went through that day was painful. What I went through during my addiction period was even worse. Don’t resort to anything that you would regret later on in life.