23, Jan, 2020

About Me

My name is Nick. But most people know me as “Ghoul.” This blog is dedicated to those who are lost in the dark forest of addiction. If you’re reading this and you’re dealing with that kind of struggle, just know that you’re not alone. Right now, there are people like you struggling with their addiction. A lot of people find ways to quit. Some are successful by going to meetings and confiding in someone they trust. Some have turned to religion and have believed in God or a higher power to get them through it.

Yet, there’s an unfortunate side to addiction. It’s torn apart families, it has ended friendships. And for many, their addiction was enough to cut their lives short. Even though many have tried to quit, they could not bring themselves to living a completely sober life. If you feel like sobriety is an impossible task, you’re wrong.

For me, I was addicted to barbiturates.  This was my drug of choice as it gave me the ability to relax and escape from the hellish reality I was living at the time. Little did I realize that when I started, things would get worse when I wasn’t high. The more I took, the more distant I was from the real world. It was an escape that at one point nearly cost me my life.

One day, I said that enough was enough. I decided to get help and set myself on the path to a sober life. It is a difficult path to walk. But you will have people who have your back, even if you feel alone. I tell my story through this blog because I vowed to help people even after becoming sober. If you’re in search of a solution, reach out to me, and I will try my best to point you in the right direction.