I love Mario Bava, though “love” is probably too weak of a term. He is one of the greatest Italian directors of all time and a maestro of horror/cinema fantastique. Almost all of his early films majorly influenced later works (“Alien,” “Friday The 13th,” etc), though he is somehow frequently passed over by the younger generation of horror fans. He’s a revolutionary director whose diverse body of work is not to be missed.

1963‘s “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” (“La Ragazza Che Sapeva Troppo”) alone started the giallo genre of Italian horror/suspense films. Without it there would be no Dario Argento, Sergio Martino, or Umberto Lenzi, let alone a slew of lesser directors and films.

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For Whom the Boobs Toll

For Whom the Boobs Toll

What happens when an undead “Dancer” gets angry?

I was watching “Zombieland” the other night, for the third time, and thoroughly enjoying the way in which the opening slow motion sequence sets up the world of “Zombieland.” Milkshakes gone bad, hungry brides, and a deadly three-legged race. It’s a great mix of humor, blood, and brains.

For the most part, “Zombieland” isn’t that gory. There are a few gnarly parts that involve the splitting of bones, one a compound fracture, the other a woman enjoying what Tallahassee refers to as a “Manwhich,” but nothing super gratuitous. Not when compared to say “Dead Alive” or something Fulci got his gooey fingers on.

Actually, there is one part I would put in the gratuitous category – a moment that mixes the triumvirate seen in the most popular of horror fare – boobs, blood, and sex.  This time, the topless woman in question isn’t the victim, she’s doing the killing. And, oh my god, that’s what it looks like when a topless zombie stripper wants her two dollars, and it’s pretty fantastic.

It reminded me that there are many other women out there who are full of wrath and have a killer rack. Gals who look hot, but don’t mind getting their hands dirty. We’ll explore more of that later, watch this clip of the zombie stripper for now:

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