First it was Lake Bell… now there’s another victim in the gruesome “Scream 4″ casting cuts.

According to my aforementioned little birdie close to the set, Lauren Graham is no longer in “Scream 4″ due to date conflict and script changes.

Please, please stop weeping.

Who would you like to see take her place as Kate, the mother of Emma Roberts’ character Jill Kessler? (As if anyone could.) Who do you think will be the next cast member to get the ax? Maybe “Scream” is going uber-meta and killing off the entire cast before the movie is barely into production.

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4 Responses to “Exclusive! Lauren Graham Slashed from ‘Scream 4′”

  1. Katlyn Says:

    Aw I’m crying!!!

  2. Addie Says:

    This totally sucks. I was really looking forward to her being in something different then what she normally does. I wish they wouldn’t have cut her from the movie. She’s got sooooooo many loyal fan that would’ve DIED to see her in Scream 4. :/ Well, if there was date conflicts, does that mean she’ll be in something else that’s new?! I HOPE SO.

  3. jaime leah Says:

    i was going to ask you about this…i heard a rumor that she was out and i was hoping it wasn’t true. was super psyched to see her in this! no idea who could play emma roberts’ mom except for, uh julia roberts? can’t stand lake bell – her exit is a blessing in disguise i think.

  4. JayDee Says:

    gha! i love lauren graham! what the crap!
    this actually makes me a little sad. I wish she would get more work.

    ps. In case anyone cares, I’m watching and writing 31 Horror Movie reviews this month over at, feel free to come over and tell me i’m full of something stinky!
    so far this month i’ve done: Let Me In, Calvaire, The Catacombs, Bitten, Monkey Shines and 28 Days later!

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